Top 5 Stocks To Buy Now In Correction

Investing is a really important way to become rich. and investing in stocks is the high rewarding and low-risk option. When you look at the market you may get confused about where to invest if you are a newbie to the stock market. Here are some of the best stocks that you can invest with reasons.

top 5 stocks

I have collected the 5 best stocks that can be invested in the long term. These are large-cap stocks thus the risk is very low and also these have a good growth potential in the coming future.

Top Stocks For Future growth

HCL Tech

Hcl is one of the biggest IT giants in India and when you consider the market cap and price of the stocks this is one of the undervalued stocks that can be invested blindly. The company had made a good name in the IT field and also has a vast client base across the world.

HCL tech share

Present CEO is C Vijay Kumar who is servicing since 2016 and has done a great job on the company. HCL is the best option to invest in this time. Also, HCL is presenting a good quarterly result every year with increased profits and it will definitely grow in the future.

2) HDFC Bank

hdfc bank

HDFC group has a variety of businesses in India and in a private bank HDFC bank is considered as a top bank. If you are interested to invest in banking stocks HDFC bank will be the smart option. It also has a good market share in this sector.

If you need a government bank in this sector choosing SBI will be a better option. SBI is the alternative option if you need a government bank in the banking sector.

3) Tata Power

We all know renewable energy will be the future and tata power is more focused on building renewable energy sources in India. Tata power already has some sources through solar and wind and it’s aiming to expand in the future.

Also, another major reason to invest in tata power is Its the leading company to generate the charging station for an electric vehicle. We are all already in the EV world and electric vehicles are booming in every country slowly and they need a charging power station to charge the vehicle.

Tata Power is the early mover of this business and already established many charging stations in India.

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4) Motherson Sumi

Motherson Sumi is the leading manufacture of parts for automobiles. It established its empire worldwide and provided many parts to the biggest companies in the market. Also, it’s switching to produce electric vehicle parts and has huge growth potential in it.

Motherson Sumi will be one of the favorite stocks to invest in as its cost is very less and its growth potential is also really high.

5) Deepak Nitrate

Deepak Nitrate is one of the best chemical stocks available to invest in India. It has captured a major market share in the specialty of chemicals. It produces The company produces a spectrum of chemicals, including Agrochemicals, Colourants, Rubber, Pharmaceuticals and other chemicals too.

And its quarterly and annual results are impressive every time and it has captured a good name on investors. It had also given a good return in the past and has a huge potential to grow in the coming future.

Bonus Share With Monopoly In Market

Many individuals will ask to suggest some good monopoly share in the market. Well, there are many monopoly shares in the stock market and doing good in their business. I will suggest a some of them now.

1) Pidilite Industries Ltd.

monoploy share

Pidilite is one of the best monopoly shares that has made a strong brand name in India. Its product like Fevicol and Feviquicks are used by everyone and it is presented on every house almost. Its advertisement creativity is one of the best in the market and it holds a good market share in its business.

Also, Pidilite is more focused on innovation and launching new products frequently. Other than this stock you can invest in IRCTC, CAMS these are also good stocks that are considered as a monopoly share.

Final Words With Conclusion

I hope you liked this article and it has given you some idea to choose the best stock to invest in. If you have any doubt or queries comment below also do some research before investing in stocks.

Investing is a really good habit and invest wisely happy investing.

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