Top 3 Amazing Application In 2020

Hello friends, In this article, I have reviewed and explained on Top 3 Amazing Application In 2020. Some apps mentioned in this article are useful in our day to day life and some apps help you to make you’re mobile look beautiful.

Best 3 amazing apps in 2020

All these apps are available in the play store and free to download. Below I have mentioned the application and their feathers and uses. Read them before downloading to know completely on them.

1. Apk Share Application To Share Apps In Whatsapp

After reading the name of the app you may think this app is not that special. But to be honest this app is doest come with like the special feature but it comes with some amazing helpful feature.

APK sharer best android app

When we want to share apps in mobile to someone we often use some apps to share using wifi. but what if the receiver is not with us? well, then we can use this app. The main feature of this android application is we can share the apps through WhatsApp with just one click.

Yes mostly everyone uses WhatsApp and we can share apps through WhatsApp with just one click using this simple application. The app comes with more other features but this is the one which I liked the most. The special thing in this application is the receiver no need to do any extra work he can just download and install with just one click.

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Features Of This Application:

This android application comes with the many features like

  • We can share Multiple Application
  • View and launching the required apps can be done easily.
  • We can also Transfer apps over Bluetooth, email, Facebook, Whatsapp and many more.
  • Sorting and separating are easy.
  • With just one click Multiple App Uninstall can be done
  • A backup of multiple apps can be done using this application.
  • Using this application we can install and uninstall the application easily.
  • Finally easy to use and simple in the interface.

2. Volume Control Panel

Are you bored with an old volume control panel? If yes use this app to customize your control panel. This app works perfectly fine in most phones. I tried this app on my mobile and it perfectly worked. However, the app makes the mobile cool for sure.

Volume Control Panel For Mobile

The app is all about improving the look of a volume control panel. To use this application install and open the app. After opening the application it asks for some permissions just provide them and enable the application. We can also customize easily by changing the style and color.

Features And Advantages Of Volume Control Panel Application:

  • Easy to use and simple in the interface.
  • This app works also in lock Screen.
  • The inbuilt dark mode is one of the major advantages.
  • This app contains custom vibration and animation to use.
  • We can also adjust the panel size that is height and width.

3. Wallpaper for Gamers

Well, nowadays gaming has become one of the main entertainment sources. Due to the trend of games like PUBG, Fortnite, Apex Legends gaming has brought a different craze in peoples. People like especially game lovers keep their wallpaper as their favorite game.

This app provides a large number of collection of game wallpaper you can easily set up this using this application

best android app

Features Of This Application Wallpaper for Gamers

  • Easy to use and apply
  • light app
  • separated wallpapers category wise so it’s easy to pick.
  • All types of games available

Final Words With Conclusion

However, all the apps mentioned above are free to use and are available in the play store. I personally tried all the application and they are considered as Top 3 Amazing Application In 2020 for me. Hope you liked this article. If you have any doubts comment them below.

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