POP vs Gypsum Which Is Best False Ceiling For You Comparison

When it’s time to select the false ceiling for your house many peoples get confused with Pop false ceiling and gypsum’s false ceiling. But after reading this article you will be cleared to select one with POP vs Gypsum.

POP vs Gypsum Which Is Bes
POP vs Gypsum Which Is Bes

I will cover everything related to this topic like which is best, which has good pricing, brands, the life of the ceiling, and many things so that you will be cleared with everything.

What is False Ceiling?

False ceiling is the secondary ceiling as the name says it’s a false ceiling that brings many advantages. A false ceiling is used to increase the look of the ceiling. Nowadays false ceiling had become a major attraction of the house.

This also works as keeping away from heat, cold, noise, etc. And the major reason to use is to increase the look of the house with lights and customized designs. This is a short introduction to the false ceiling.

Types Of False Ceiling

There are many types of false ceiling available in the market. But the major and most used is POP false ceiling and gypsum false ceiling. We will discuss these two here. Below is the list of some false ceiling

  • Plaster of Paris false ceilings (POP)
  • Gypsum false ceilings
  • Fiber false ceilings
  • Wooden false ceilings
  • PVC false ceilings

POP vs Gypsum False Ceiling

Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. But you have to choose one among these two and the below comparison and details will help you to choose the best one for you.

1) POP false ceiling

POP vs Gypsum False Ceilling pop

In this type of ceiling plaster of Paris powder is mixed with the water and applied to the chicken net. Chicken net is nothing but a net to provide the mechanical strength to a pop paste. Here you can make any type of design which you wish.

It is a time-consuming process compare to another type of false ceiling. Also, dirt and the process are a little messy here. Also, it has many advantages they are also discussed below.

Pros And Cons of POP false ceiling

  • Durable and Good life of the ceiling
  • You can make any design with this
  • The finishing look is good in this
  • Does not shows cracks normally
  • POP has a smooth surface finish
  • Cheaper then Gypsum Board
  • Must be done with skilled labors
  • Times consuming and messy process
  • Need more drying time
  • Wastage is high

2) Gypsum False Ceiling

gypsum false ceiling gypsum

As the name says gypsum false ceiling is made with a gypsum board. These are made of gypsum, a hydrated calcium sulfate. These boards are manufactured in companies and fixed in place. The best quality bords produce a smooth and durable ceiling.

Usually, You can make a square or rectangular design with this. And most suitable for offices and working areas.

Pros And Cons of Gypsum False Ceiling

  • Installing process is easy and fast
  • No need for too many joints to attach
  • High-quality bords will give a consistent result
  • Sure Smooth finish due to factory produce
  • Repairing is difficult
  • Joints can be seen after the long run
  • Gypsum boards are costlier then pop

Comparison Between POP And Gypsum

I have compared many things below on POP And Gypsum this is a general comparison and may vary. However, both have their own advantages and disadvantages that’s why these are famous false ceilings. After this comparison, you will get an idea of which is suitable for you.

ShapesRectangular or squareAny shape
Life (general)10-15 years5-10 years
Rate 90-140 For Sq.Ft60 – 110 For Sq.Ft
Best BrandsIndian GypsumJK Laxmi
Most SuitableHomeOffice
Installation TimeHighLess
Price of productLessHigh
DurableMore DurableLees Then POP
Comparison Between POP And Gypsum

Which One To Select POP Or Gypsum

Well, after all the above details you may get clear details on which is suitable for you. If you ask me what I suggest is if you are doing a false ceiling for a home and you have a budget then go with a POP. If you are thinking to make it for an office or other buildings go with gypsum.

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Final Word With Conclusion

I hope this article POP vs Gypsum Which Is Best False Ceiling For You Comparison helped you to select the best false ceiling for you. If you have any doubts and queries on this topic comment below. Thanks for reading.

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