Increase YouTube Earnings And CPM With These 6 Pro Tips

YouTube is the second largest search engine and many people made their life settled with this platform. However, this article Increase YouTube Earnings And CPM With These 5 Pro tips will help you to become successful on Youtube as a creator.

Increase YouTube Earnings

Once the monetization is turned on in your channel you will abele run ads on your video. The ads are been provided by AdSense. A higher ad rate will result in good earning.

Here are some of the best tips to increase YouTube earnings and YouTube CPM to earn more in YouTube ad revenue.

1) Increase The CPM Of Your Video.

To get good AD revenue you need to increase the CPM of your video. If you don’t know what is CPM let me tell you shortly CPM is the cost per 1000 views.

Then comes how to increase CPM of YouTube video?

The answer to this is it depends on many factors. Follow the below points to get a good CPM on your video.

a) Target Top Countries Which Provides Good CPM

Yes, keyword matters to calculate the CPM but trust me top countries provide a good CPM in many cases. When you target those audiences you will get good earnings on your video.

Below is the list of highest CPM paying countries but it may vary in some cases.

  • Unites States
  • United Kingdom
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Philippines
  • Bangladesh, India

2) Creat Long Videos To Setup Multiple Ads

This is also the main factor that affects earning on YouTube. Create long videos’ what I mean is video length of more than 8 minutes. Then only you can run multiple ads on YouTube.

Short videos are not making enough money in this platform. That doesnt meant creat a long boring video. Provide a value in your video till the end of the video.

3) Provide SEO Friendly Tittel And Keyword

Video tittle can tell everything about what’s inside in the video. Tittle should be attractive and SEO friendly too. Don’t add a irrelevant tittle it may effect your channel.

a) Tips To Add SEO Friendly Title And Keyword To Youtube Video

Yes writing a title in an international language will help you to get good CPM and also increases the SEO of the video.

  • Add a quality Keyword in your video
  • Maintain Tittle length

4) Upload Content Regularly And Increase YouTube Earnings

It may seems like its not related to earning directly but yes its related. When you put a quality content regularly you may see the graph rising upward. Indirectly YouTube pushes your videoes to many people which will result in good views.

Make a perfect schedule for your video like daily upload or plod on alternative day or a weekly upload. And follow that regularly you will see the rise in your channel repidly.

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5) Increase Content Watchtime To Increase YouTube Earnings

In a YouTube watch time matters a lot in every stage. Watch time plays a major role in making a video viral. When people are spending more time on your video they get to see multiple Ads on your video which will increase YouTube revenue.

The tips to increase watch time are given below follow them.

  • Don’t make a boarding video
  • Keep suspense till the end
  • Provide values in the video
  • Tell viewers to watch the video till the end

6) Always Creat Advertiser Friendly Content

You might know green dollar and yellow dollar symbol that appears on your video. What that means is if your content is advertise friendly then you will get to see a green dollar symbol and if its noth advertise friendly yellow dollar will appear on your video.

If yellow dollar appears on your video then you cant make a enough money from that video. So always upload an advertise friendly video on YouTube.


I hope this article helped you to Increase YouTube Earnings And CPM of your video. Keep providing quality content. If you have any doubts and queries related to this comment below. Thanks for reading.

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