Best Time To Upload Youtube Videos To Get More Views 2020

If you are a new YouTuber you will always worried about views. Yes getting views in an early stage is a big deal. Even I am a YouTuber and I too faced this problem. However, this article will help you to find Best Time To Upload Youtube Videos To Get More Views

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However, in this article, I will tell you the best time to upload youtube videoes in your channel according to your subscriber’s actions. This will help you to gain more views on your channel.

Yes, YouTube has great analytics which will help us to get good views based on the facts. Complete details are listed below.

Know Your Viewers Active Hours

The best time to upload youtube videos is at the time when your audience is active. Yes, directly it will help your videos to reach more people.

When you upload youtube videos it will send a notification to your subscribers so they can watch at that time. So knowing your subscriber’s active hour will lead to the high views in realtime. However, Your subscribers will obviously like that video.

When you get high views and engagement on the video in the first 2 hours may lead video to get viral in the platform. So this will help you to get good views and subscribers which will automatically help to grow your channel.

How To Know Your Viewers Active Hours

You can know your viewer’s active hours easily by checking the analytics of youtube. We all know that youtube analytics is powerful to get every detail which helps to grow our channel.

Step 1. Go To Youtube Studio

Open your YouTube channel in desktop site and go to YouTube studio from there.

Step 2. Click On Analytics

Once you open a youtube studio you will see options like Dashboard, Videoes, Playlist, etc. Below that you will get to see an Analytics option and click on that.

Step 3. Select Audience

After selecting the audience in the lower section you will get to see a chart like the below image. However, I will explain how to read that chart.

Best Time To Upload Youtube Videos

It’s written as when your viewers are on YouTube. Yes, it shows your audience engaging time. You can understand this chart easily. You can see time in 24 hours format written in downside and week from left to right.

To say in a simple words it means the darker color represents your best time to upload the video.

You can upload your youtube video at that time where the purple color is very dark to see. With this trick, you will get good views on your all videos which will help to get a good amount of subscribers on your channel.

Extra Tip To Get More Views

You need to add a brief description and relevant tags to your videos to get good views, This will help to get a good SEO ranks in youtube.

Try to make a videoes on trending topics this will obviously give you some amount of views. And when you are consistent you will surely be going to get that tasty fruits one day for sure.

And the most important is adding custom thumbnail. It will make your video look good. Attractive thumbnails will make people click on the video which will help you to get good views on Youtube.

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Connect With Your Audience

Make sure you are connected with your audience on youtube to get famous. Read the comments and reply to them. Give a heat in a comment. And most useful consider their feedback. This will help you to make good videoes.

Keep udating your audience with the next new video. You can do this by updating stoiries in youtube. You will get this feture once you reached the 1000 subscribers in youtube. Also make a instagram and facebook page for your channel and connct them there too.

Final Word WIth Conclusion

Hope you liked this article Best Time To Upload Youtube Videos To Get More Views 2020. If you have any doubts comment them below. Thanks for reading.

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