Best Genuine Tricks To Get High Views In YouTube

Hai, are you struggling on YouTube to get high views? If yes then this article Best Genuine Tricks To Get High Views In YouTube will help you to gain good views on YouTube.

Best Genuine Tricks To Get High Views In YouTube

All the mention tips are personally experienced by me and all are legal and genuine. You can follow these tips and tricks to get a good view on Youtube.

Main Required Thing In Youtube

Well what actually matters in YouTube?

There are two main points which you must consider before making the Youtube video that is Quality and the other is Content. What I mean is Quality Content. When you provide the quality content you will get a good response very soon.

Rather then that there are also other things which matter they are discussed below. Follow them to get good results on your channel.

1. Attractive And SEO Friendly Tittle

You must add a catchy and attractive title to your videos. And not only attractive If it has a good searchable term then your video will get a good view gradually. The title should not be small and fully large.

Make sure your tittle is related to topic if not then there is no use of using it.

If your content category is a comedy or filmy type then it’s better to use the channel name in the title. This will help you to suggest your other videoes.

2. Eye Catching And Beautiful Thumbnail

tricks to get good views in yooutube

When you upload the video YouTube suggests it to some audience so when you have an attractive thumbnail then there is a more possibility of people click and watch it.

However, when YouTube suggests a video to 100 people if 10 people click on it then the video will get a 10% CTR. When CTR increases then suggestions will also increases which will result in good views.

However, Thumbnail plays a major role in making a video viral. And other factors also matter like watch time and engagement they will also be discussed now.

3. View Duration Or Average Watch Time.

If you upload a video of 10-minute length and the person watches it till 5 minutes then the average watch time is 50%. Higher the view duration will help the video to get viral. So keep the video interesting so that people watch it for a long time.

You can also say watch till the end of the video so that people stay longer in the video. When you share your video with friends tell them to watch till the end or else don’t watch. This will help to maintain the view duration.

4. Add AppropriateDescription And Tags

Add an appropriate description in the video. tell something about the video in the description. It will also help in the SEO of the video. Provide your social media details in the description so people will connect you there too.

There is an option to add tags to the video. Tags are nothing but keywords related to the video topic. Add relevant tags to the video. This will boost the video SEO and helps video to get a good view.

And don’t add inappropriate tags to the video. It may also give you a penalty. Add a related and good tag the video.

5. Maintain Engagement In The Video.

Make sure to tell people or viewers to like and comment on the video. There is nothing wrong with asking for engagement. When you have a good engagement in the video. It pushes to more audiences.

More like and comments increase the engagement of the video. And also the number of video shares plays a major role.

6. Keep Consistency In Uploading

You cant be a successful YouTuber overnight. But you need to wait for that one video that gets viral in your channel. Consistency is the key to success in youtube. Keep uploading the quality content on our channel.

When one of your videos gets good views then follow that topic to get some more views and subscribers who will help your channel to grow further.

7. Take Feedback From Subscribers

You will get a good as well as bad comments on YouTube. Some peoples give genuine feedback just apply them it will help you to increase the quality of the video. And make sure to upload the video at the time of your subscriber’s active period.

How to find best time to upload your video?

Just read the below article it will help you to find the best time to upload your video based on your channel audience.

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Final Words With Conclusions

However, If you follow all these steps you will get a good response on YouTube for sure. Keep working hard. Try different things you will succeed one day. If you have any doubts or queries comment down below thanks for reading.

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